Who We Are

 We were sent a thank you note on behalf of the SEC organization. "We would like to express our gratitude to your driver for waiting with our participant, who was locked out of her apartment upon returning home. The participant stated that the driver was reassuring, helpful & was able to assist in contacting the housing authority to get assistance for our participant to access her apartment."

Need-A-Lift Medi-Van Inc.

Need A Lift Medi-Van, Inc. is an independently owned, high quality service, state approved business established in 1990. Our organization provides transportation services for clients to medical appointments, Special Education and McKinney-Vento students going to schools, day programs, community facilities and other locations as needed.

Need A Lift Medi-Van, Inc. is owned and operated by Ken Belliveau, Treasurer and Patti Belliveau, President. The company has been incorporated since 1992. Need A Lift Medi-Van, Inc. is certified as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) through SOMWBA since June 3, 2004. We are located at 132 Crawford St., Leominster, Ma 01453.

Substantiation of Licensing and Accreditation:

Need A Lift Medi-Van, Inc. has been a provider for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Medicaid department for the past 25 years. We have also provided Special Education, McKinney-Vento, Chair Car Services and Department of Developmental Services transportation for the past 24 years for the Montachusett Regional Transit Authority. We also provide transportation services for several Adult Day Care Programs through other local agencies.

We strive to have the best employees. In the year 2006 Need A Lift Medi-Van, Inc. was honored by the Governor’s Commission on Employment of People with Disabilities for record of “employing and retraining people with disabilities and exceeding the reasonable accommodation”. We were selected as one in twelve companies in Massachusetts to receive the exemplary employer award in 2006.

Our Goal is to provide a high quality service to our customers, clients and students through our dedication, perseverance and efforts.